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WELCOME TO THE CARDER STEUBEN CLUB WEBSITE. Our site contains a Shape Gallery - an important and major source of research information about Frederick Carder and Carder Steuben glass. Click the "Shape Gallery" link at left to explore the database of Carder Steuben glass and line drawings. We also offer a fully searchable archive of our Gazelle Gazette Newsletter.

BECOME A MEMBER: Please become a member of the Carder Steuben Club. Not only will you support our efforts to promote the glass of Frederick Carder but you will enjoy the camaraderie, fellowship and mentorship of other Carder Steuben enthusiasts, experts and dealers. Your annual membership dues ($35/individual or $55/couple) allow us to maintain and improve this web site, host an annual Symposium (which includes a specialty Carder Steuben auction), publish a newsletter and support the efforts of other organizations promoting Carder Steuben. As a member, you will receive a discounted registration fee to our annual Symposium on the glass of Frederick Carder, an automatic subscription to the Gazelle Gazette, our email newsletter, and an annual membership directory. In addition, annual membership in the Carder Steuben Club also includes an annual general membership to the Corning Museum of Glass ( Museum member benefits include free admission to the Museum, a subscription to the member magazine, and a 15% discount in the Museum's GlassMarket, restaurants and Annual Seminar on Glass. To join the Carder Steuben Club, click here.

SUBSCRIBE TO THE CLUB NEWSLETTER: The Carder Steuben Club publishes a newsletter, the Gazelle Gazette, which we distribute through email to members and non-members. Past copies of the Gazelle Gazette can be read by clicking the Gazelle Gazette link at left. If you would like to subscribe to the Gazelle Gazette, click here and send your email address to the editor.

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Carder Steuben Vase - 6772

Recent Gazelle Gazette
Newsletter Postings
Lenox China Pattern
Number 3132 dated 02/12/19

Additional Carder Mystic Pattern Objects 6583 Goblet in Spanish Green in Mystic Pattern 6583 Sherbet in Spanish Gr... (more)
Collaboration continued
Number 3131 dated 02/11/19

... (more)
Newark Museum's Upcoming Carder Exhibit
Number 3130 dated 02/08/19

Gold Aurene vase with applied prunts and threading, c.1913, Steuben Glass Works, Corning, New York The Thomas N. ArmstrongIII... (more)
Number 3129 dated 02/07/19

Looking at the line drawings you'll find that in addition to glass produced with the name "Haviland" for use with Haviland china t... (more)
Interesting Perspective on Carder's Cut and Engraved Glass
Number 3128 dated 02/06/19

Conclusion When he first came to Corning, Carder created cut and engraved glass designs that did not seem to be particularl... (more)
Carder Exhibit At The Newark Museum Coming April 29
Number 3127 dated 02/05/19

Amethyst Silverina with mica flecks and air traps, 1927-1931, Steuben Division, Corning Glass Works, Corning, New York The Th... (more)
The Haviland & Company Mark
Number 3126 dated 02/04/19

Between 1910 and 1915, Aurene pieces were made for the retailer Haviland & Co. and were commonly marked "Aurene" and "Haviland & C... (more)
Haviland & Company
Number 3125 dated 02/01/19

Between 1910 and 1915, Aurene pieces were made for the retailer Haviland & Co. and were commonly marked "Aurene" and "Haviland & C... (more)
Introducing the 10th Anniversary Alley Art Project Mural Design: The Art of Industrious Minds
Number 3124 dated 01/31/19

This year, The Rockwells Frederick Carder glass collection served as the inspiration for students to design a mural honoring the ... (more)
Upcoming Newark Museum Steuben Exhibit
Number 3123 dated 01/30/19

Gold Aurene vase with pulled feather decoration, Aurene 649, c.1907, Steuben Glass Works, Corning, New York The Thomas N. A... (more)

Club News
and Events
Carder Steuben Club 2019 Symposium
The Carder Steuben Club proudly announces its 19th Annual Carder Steuben Symposium - September 19 - 21, 2019, in Corning, New York... (more)

The Legacy of Frederick Carder
The Corning Museum of Glass Website has an article about Frederick Carder's life and work. Clicking the link below will take you t... (more)

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