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Carder Steuben Club Annual Symposium

The 2019 Carder Steuben Symposium will be held on September 19 - 21, 2019 in Corning, New York.

Each year the Carder Steuben Club holds a Symposium on the glass of Frederick Carder. The Symposium is held in Corning, New York, generally during the second or third week in September or October, and is co-hosted by the Corning Museum of Glass. Typically, the Symposium runs for two or three days, usually beginning on a Thursday and ending Saturday night.

Programming for the Symposium consists of lectures and presentations by experts on the glass of Frederick Carder, museum and library scholars, glass dealers and collectors. Members of the Club often participate by showing their collections or sharing some of their specialized expertise. Additional programming and exhibition tours are also done in conjunction with exhibitions concurrently on display at the Corning Museum of Glass and the resources of the Rakow Research Library are also utilized. While the Symposium is focused on the glass of Frederick Carder, programming also covers other subjects related to Carder Steuben glass like contemporary manufacturers, care and conservation of glass, glass photography, glass technology and glass color, among others.

Ample time is available during the Symposium to explore Corning, New York and the surrounding area. Many participants in the Symposium find time to shop and dine in Corning, visit local sites, tour the Museum (including the Carder Gallery in Building B of the Museum devoted exclusively to the glass of Frederick Carder) or conduct personal research in the Rakow Library.

NEW for 2019 - Upstate Auction Company is conducting a live public auction of Steuben, Carder contemporaries and other glass from the Corning area. The auction takes place on the Friday evening during the Symposium. Auction and consignment information can be found on this website.

The Symposium ends on Saturday evening with a closing banquet and a fun event to win donated items.

The Symposium brochures for the last several Symposiums are set forth in this section as are photographs from several Symposiums. Typically, in July the Symposium brochure for the current year Symposium is posted.

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