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The Official Site of the Carder Steuben Club

WELCOME TO THE CARDER STEUBEN CLUB WEBSITE. Our site contains a Shape Gallery - an important and major source of research information about Frederick Carder and Carder Steuben glass. Click the "Shape Gallery" link at left to explore the database of Carder Steuben glass and line drawings. We also offer a fully searchable archive of our Gazelle Gazette Newsletter.

BECOME A MEMBER: Please become a member of the Carder Steuben Club. Not only will you support our efforts to promote the glass of Frederick Carder but you will enjoy the camaraderie, fellowship and mentorship of other Carder Steuben enthusiasts, experts and dealers. Your annual membership dues ($35/individual or $55/couple) allow us to maintain and improve this web site, host an annual Symposium (which includes a specialty Carder Steuben auction), publish a newsletter and support the efforts of other organizations promoting Carder Steuben. As a member, you will receive a discounted registration fee to our annual Symposium on the glass of Frederick Carder, an automatic subscription to the Gazelle Gazette, our email newsletter, and an annual membership directory. In addition, annual membership in the Carder Steuben Club also includes an annual general membership to the Corning Museum of Glass ( Museum member benefits include free admission to the Museum, a subscription to the member magazine, and a 15% discount in the Museum's GlassMarket, restaurants and Annual Seminar on Glass. To join the Carder Steuben Club, click here.

SUBSCRIBE TO THE CLUB NEWSLETTER: The Carder Steuben Club publishes a newsletter, the Gazelle Gazette, which we distribute through email to members and non-members. Past copies of the Gazelle Gazette can be read by clicking the Gazelle Gazette link at left. If you would like to subscribe to the Gazelle Gazette, click here and send your email address to the editor.

Please give us your feedback about the site. For easy access to this site, please bookmark it at

Carder Steuben Sherbet - 6844

Recent Gazelle Gazette
Newsletter Postings
American History
Number 3398 dated 05/15/20

Well stated, Bobby Rockwell. This is a lesson in American history. In the mid 19th century immigration by the Scotch-Irish (Scots-... (more)
A Carder Story
Number 3397 dated 05/13/20

Hi Alan, If I could relate a story Carder told my father it may shed some light as why certain objects have certain names. As... (more)
Now This Is A Glass Picture!
Number 3396 dated 05/11/20

I saw this post on Facebook from The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia and thought the members might like to see it. ... (more)
The Story Behind Carder Glass
Number 3395 dated 05/08/20

Virtual Journeys into CMoG's Collection: Thoughts from a Librarian This recurring blog series will feature virtual gallery wa... (more)
Covered Vessels
Number 3394 dated 05/06/20

Alan: Here is some more information on the topic of covered vases. I have consulted wiser experts than I, and hope that it might b... (more)
What Is CMOG Doing During the Pandemic
Number 3393 dated 05/04/20

From CMoG with Love: Five Feel-Good Stories The Corning Museum of Glass may be closed temporarily to guests and staff alike... (more)
Fascinating Issue
Number 3392 dated 05/01/20

Thanks, everyone, for this outstanding and fascinating issue (#3391, Wednesday, April 29, 2020)  they are always remarkable; this... (more)
From The Cleveland Museum of Art Collection
Number 3391 dated 04/29/20

Collection Includes Modern Steuben and Carder Steuben Pair of Carder Covered Vases Shown in Monday's Gazette ... (more)
Let's Look At The Cleveland Museum of Art Collection
Number 3390 dated 04/27/20

Collection Includes Modern Steuben and Carder Steuben Bowl and accompanying plate 1940 designed by Salv... (more)
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Number 3389 dated 04/24/20

Collection Includes Modern Steuben and Carder Steuben Donald F. Russell Cocktail Shaker DESIGNER D... (more)

Club News
and Events
Unexpected Color: A Journey Through Glass
At our September 2019 Symposium, Amy Simon Hopwood, associate curator of decorative arts at The Newark Museum of Art in Newark, Ne... (more)

Carder Steuben Club 2020 Symposium
The Carder Steuben Club proudly announces its 20th Annual Carder Steuben Symposium - September 10 - 12, 2020, in Corning, New York... (more)

The Legacy of Frederick Carder
The Corning Museum of Glass Website has an article about Frederick Carder's life and work. Clicking the link below will take you t... (more)

Shape Gallery

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Carder Steuben Compote - 6405
6405 Compote

Carder Steuben Sherbet & Underplate - 1692
1692 Sherbet & Underplate

Carder Steuben Vase - 7278
7278 Vase

Carder Steuben Goblet - 3602
3602 Goblet

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