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Website Contributors

The following individuals and organizations have contributed photos and/or data in support of the Website photo index. It is the commitment of these collectors that has helped to further the knowledge base of Frederick Carder's glass creations via this online reference.

Carder Steuben Cologne - 2835

A & A Antiques

Abell Auction Company

Acacia Hogarth

Adams, Bob

Ahmad Abdallah

Amato, Mark

Anonymous Collector 1


Auctions Neapolitan & Gallery


Babcock, Richard

Barlow, Jim

Beeman, Cy & Karen

Bell, Rich

Bennett, Bill

Berden, Carmen

Bergey, Dennis and Deborah

Bernstein, Bob

bigbigrichard from eBay

Bisson, Andy

Bjork, Bob

Blasdell, Suellen

Bluebird Commerce

Bly, Rande

Bradtke, Al

Bredehoft, Thomas A.

Bright, Dick

Bristol Art Exchange

Brown, Zane

Buffa, Mark

Buhrmaster, Kate

Burchard Galleries

Burchard, Matt

Bush, Ed

Buzzello, Beth

Carder Steuben Glass Shop


Chadwick-Brown, David

Chaffee, Christian

Clark, Chris

Clarke, Bruce

Clements, Todd and Michele

Cooper, Marty

Coots, Scott

Corning Museum of Glass

Cowans Auctions

Cranberry Lane Antiques

Dander, Bob

Daniels, Andrew

Dargate Auction Galleries

Darrt, Chris & Cheryl

DeGraaf, Marti

DeLorraine, Ruth

Dimitroff, Tom

Donaldson, David P.

Doyle New York

Dreiling, Tommy

Duane Merrill & Company

Early Auction Co.

Eck, David

Ed and Deanna Gordon

Elise Abrams Antiques

Elite Decorative Arts

Farr, Mar Gee & James

Fiore, Enrico

Fokken, Lyle

Fontaine's Auction Gallery

Ford, Frank

Friendly Antiques

Gaietta, Guido

Garth's Auction Inc.

Germer, Gary

Godawa, Jo Ann

Goldstein, David & Elissa

Goldstein, J.

Green, James

Gugudan, Judith

Hall, Don and Helen

Hansen, Scott

Hayes, Jeremy

Heaton, Nancy

Hefti, Larry & Diana

Henderson, Bruce

Heritage Hills Antiques

Hill, Mike

Hilliard & Co.

Hoskins, Guy

Hotchkiss, Jerry

Huckabee, Carolyn Ann

Humler & Nolan

Jacobson, David

James D. Julia, Inc.

Janes, Chris

John McInnis Auctioneers

Kaminski Auctions

Ken & Lynn's Antiques

Ketchum, Marshall & Carol

King, Carmen

Kingsley, David

Knickerbocker, Lon & Deb

Krueger, Glee

Lamanna, Jason

Leland Little Auction

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

Linda's Unique Antiques

Lynne, Bruce & Gail

Maryanski, John & Diane

Mathesons' AA Auction

Mazza, Lenore

Mehlenbacher, Bill

Meredith, William

Michaan's Auctions

Mills, Stephanie

Montano, Wayne

Moulton, Duane

Mueller, Bob

Murray, David

Nowack, Paul


Parks, Fred & Karen

Perfume Bottles Auction

Perva, Ed & Virginia

Pescatore, Stephen

Potter, Gary

Quirk, Jeanie

Rachel Davis Fine Arts

Rago, David

Rakow Research Library

Rath, Michael

Raymond, George and Jennifer

Riccio, June

Richard C Frey

Richards, Vivienne

Rizor, Kathy

Rockwell, Bob

Rockwell, Bobby


Rosplock, William & Sara

Ruman & Kraft Antiques

Salzman, Bonnie

Salzman, Mark

Sandler, Stewart

Schlosser Jr., Duane

Schmidt, Brian

Scholaert, Christine

Shaut, Beth

Sherwood, David

Sherwood, David

Shimkus, Mark

Shook, Scott

Shovers, Alan and Susan

Siewert, Randall

Smith, Jessica

Smith, Paul

Snickles Art Glass

Spalding, Frank

Spears, David

Sprague, Deb

Stefek's Auctioneers & Appraisers

Stens, Michael

Stephen Lang Photography

Sterling / Seaborn Antiques

Stevens, Michael

Styler, John

Susanin's Auctions

Sutterfield, Jim and Alice

Sylar Antiques

Time & Again Auction Gallery

Topps, Anthony

Tortarolo, Joann

Treadway Gallery

Turner, Laura Leddy

Vetro, Tony

Wadhams, Don

Weber, Aaron & Pamela

William J. Jenack Auctioneers

Wilson, Jack

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