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  Encouraging and promoting the collecting and enjoyment   
of the glass of Frederick Carder   

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Membership in the Carder Steuben Club

The Mission of the Carder Steuben Club is to encourage and promote the collecting and enjoyment of the glass of Frederick Carder. We welcome all who share this interest. Note: If you sign up as a new member after March 31 of a given year your membership will be for the rest of that year plus all of the next year.

The Carder Steuben Club is an Association Member of the Corning Museum of Glass. Through your membership with the Carder Steuben Club, you will receive an Association membership at the Corning Museum of Glass, which includes receiving Membership related email communications from the Corning Museum of Glass. You may adjust your preferences or unsubscribe from these email communications at any time.

Carder Steuben Vase - 6032


Please fill out the information requested below and then click the "Continue" button. This will take you to our online membership form with an option to pay either by our secure online PayPal dues payment system, or by sending in your application with a check. Annual dues are $35.00 per person or $55.00 a couple (including spouses or significant others) and cover the period from January 1 to December 31 of the year the dues are paid.

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Shape Gallery

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Carder Steuben Shade - 961
961 Shade

Carder Steuben Cologne - 2835
2835 Cologne

Carder Steuben Vase - 7483
7483 Vase

Carder Steuben Vase - 7707
7707 Vase

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